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The Vampire Bat

This is a generic name given to any bat that feeds on blood. There are currently three known species that do this. The Common Vampire Bat, the Hairy-Legged Bat and the White Winged Vampire Bat. They are all indigenous to America, but despite may myths and contrary to popular belief they rarely bite humans as they seem to dislike our blood.

There are a few things that make Vampire Bats unique from other bats. They have an infrared sensors on there nose, this lets them see where the blood flows closest to the skin. There front teeth are also specialised for cutting in to flesh, and along with an anticoagulant (stops blood from clotting) in there saliva, this allows them to cut a victim, then lap the blood off them. The anticoagulant is called Draculin! They also have quite specialised hearing that lets them detect the breathing of sleeping victims.

Vampire bats often carry rabies, so it's best off avoiding them if you can!


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